For those of my readers wondering where the hell I have been, mea culpa. For those who know why and think I probably shouldn’t be back to the keyboard just yet, think of it as “my form of therapy.” As I have made it a rule not to divulge too much personal information on the site, I must confess that there is no activity in my dating life at present. I do not have to tell my loved ones and dear friends why. But at the same time, I have done the thing I told myself I would seldom do,,,I have ghosted three women.

Casper, I am not. And I told myself that any mature online dater is capable of telling a potential girlfriend that it won’t work out. They deserve to know and if interested they deserve to know why. The why part of the ladies I left on the vine was too difficult. Frankly, if any of them had gotten close enough to me to warrant an explanation, I would have muddled through. But they had not, so they got not.

So I am back to checking out sites and back to the reason this blog exists. I really struggled with this decision because it came with a big, “why bother?” caveat. But I owe it to myself to soldier on and owe it to my family to look forward to a better future.

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