Daddy is Dating

This is a blog about the vicissitudes of online dating post divorce.  For Dads, things might be slightly different than for Moms, but the insights gleaned from the past several months of dating should be educational for both men and women.  As the title connotes, there are children involved.  While the ages of children of divorce vary, there are a whole set of issues parents have to deal with depending on their child/children’s ages.  I will try not to go too far off script and I am not a psychologist, so I will do my best to enlighten my readers about the dating game and try to stay away from all the other difficulties divorce can exacerbate.

I have done the heavy lifting.  Signed up for numerous websites and will do my best to inform readers of some of the tendencies I see.  I have had some success and some failure, I can tell you what I thinks works best and what does not work at all.  I have utilized different photos, different profiles and different strategies.  But all of them are true to me.  Creating a profile that is false is the first mistake many online daters do.  The most common tactic is that they post old pics or photo-shopped pics.  Next, they create a written profile that is not true or exaggerated at best.  It is not their intention to mislead necessarily, but rather, it is the attempt to portray the kind of person that they think will get the attention of potential dates.

So, in order for this blog to be beneficial, I must introduce myself.  This blog will scare away some people and will leave you gut laughing at some of the experiences I have had.  I intend to use humor and sarcasm to keep some readers on board.  But I also will be brutally honest with my readers, no matter how unpleasant and gratuitous I may behave.  If we have divorced, then we have experienced some of the worst life experiences possible.  Indeed, we all have our battle scars and war wounds.  I hope to give a little window into the search for redemption, second chances and hope.  We all will make mistakes and fumble our way towards happiness, and I hope this blog will help people realize how absurd the online space can be, but how it can also allow us to heal.

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